Self-Promotion and Writing

The Great Recession of 2007 hit every industry in a different way, but in the end they typically came out leaner and meaner than they were at the start. For example, many newspapers fired older journalists who were unwilling or unable to do both electronic and print stories, in favor of younger, cheaper journalists who were trained in both.

In the book publishing industry, the path to slimming down ran through the advertising and promotion departments. In the past, publishers would arrange the pre-launch media campaigns for their authors, but that era is coming to an end.

Increasingly, authors are being asked to schedule and pay for their own book tours. Additionally, a new, major part of selling a manuscript to a publisher is providing a list of ways that you can promote your book without their help. Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter, is a good place start.

But how should you go about it? Jeff Goins has a great article on self-promotion, in which he identifies two kinds of self-promoters: the sleazebag and the magician. The magician reads the audience and waits patiently for the right moments to complete the act, while the sleazebag begs and whines for attention.

One of these two is going to sell a lot more books. It won’t be quick, but with practice patience in marketing can become less painful than it seems upfront.


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